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About the Sharing Brings Hope Campaign

Mission. Vision. Oversight.

About US

Since 1992, LAUSD has invited 11 of Los Angeles' most diverse and respected charitable agencies to participate in its consolidated charitable employee-giving campaign, Sharing Brings Hope. AII 11 agencies are licensed, fiscally responsible organizations who, together, raise funds for over 400 individual charities. The Sharing Brings Hope Campaign consolidates all of the District's Fundraising efforts to a single annual occurrence. lts mission is to provide funding for programs that assist in meeting the health, social, environmental, and educational needs of the communities that LAUSD serves.

2021 Goals

The goal of the 2021 Sharing Brings Hope Campaign is to exceed 2020's total donations (both cash and payroll deductions) of $___,___ and increase payroll deduction and overall participation. How can you, as a Campaign Coordinator, help accomplish this year's goal?

Get co-workers and students INVOLVED.

  • UTILIZE Campaign Materials, Website and Charity Liaisons.
  • TALK To Potential Donors:

   - Do you know the #1 reason people do not give?


   - Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of an existing facility/staff meeting or set-up a brief presentation for your school/dept.