A Letter from LAUSD

Dear Los Angeles Unified Family,

Our individual daily efforts have profound and lasting impacts on students. When we combine those efforts, our impact is multiplied. Please join me in an effort to support students and families across Los Angeles through the LAUSD Consolidated Charitable Campaign (LAUSDCCC), also known as the Sharing Brings Hope Campaign.

The Sharing Brings Hope Campaign coordinates the District's fundraising efforts into a single annual event, which this year spans from February 8 through April 9, 2021. The Campaign provides our employees, students and families with the opportunity to contribute to community organizations of their choice through payroll deductions and one-time gifts. We raise funds to:

• Invest in children and youth

•Strengthen families

• Promote higher education

• Promote health and wellness

• Empower seniors and the disabled

• Protect our environment

Last year, we were able to raise over $275,742.78 in cash and payroll deductions, which was distributed to more than 400 nonprofit groups through 11 fund distribution agencies. This money has provided critical support to individuals and families in need and has helped uplift our community. By joining together to raise even more money this year, we can sustain those crucial supports and continue our upward trajectory.

I invite each of you to join me in contributing to this important effort and investing further in our wonderful community. Thank you for your generosity.

Austin Beutner
LAUSD Superintendent 

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